Clear, accurate Tracking communications are a vital part of the delivery process.

Enhanced Tracking

We know that 3 out of every 4 online shopper thinks it’s important to receive updates regarding the progress of their deliveries. That’s why Scurri has launched its Enhanced Tracking Product.

Provide your customers with relevant, up to date delivery information with Scurri’s unified tracking. Use our API to customise your tracking page or customer notification workflows.

Connecting eCommerce

How does it work?

Scurri polls through carrier tracking updates and matches the order to a simplified Scurri Tracking Status.
We give you the power in choosing an approach:

API Scurri


Scurri’s API allows you to send requests and retrieve the relevant current and/or historical tracking information.



Interested in getting tracking updates sent to you? Scurri’s webhook integration does just that – handy!



See every detail on our UI about an order’s where abouts in a single chronological timeline.


As an alternative to the webhook integration we also offer an AWS based SNS integration where Scurri creates an SNS topic for your tracking updates to which you can subscribe your SQS queue.

Amazon SNS follows the “publish-subscribe” messaging paradigm. Notifications get delivered to clients using a “push” mechanism removing the need to periodically “poll” for new information.  SNS is used to publish messages to Amazon SQS queues to reliably send messages to one or many system components asynchronously!

This may help you in scenarios where your system being fed tracking updates, is down due to updates etc. With AWS SNS you’ll never miss an update!

Which carriers are currently set up for tracking updates?

We are constantly adding Tracking to more carriers!

I'm interested in getting set up!

Great! Contact to enable the tracking feature and to obtain further information on your preferred approach