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Scurri’s easy-to-integrate post-purchase communications tool puts you in control of sending own-branded communications.

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and save 15%*

Request a quote and save 15% on Scurri Track Plus*

Turn the post-purchase phase into a marketing opportunity. 


Get 15% off when you request a quote for Scurri Track Plus in July and sign up by July 31st 2023.

How it works

Our post-purchase communications tool enables retailers to maximise retention, protect customer acquisition and generate new revenue in the form of up-sell opportunities.

Automatic flow

Once a shipment is manifested in the Scurri platform†, those shipment details flow automatically into our post purchase communications tool

Branded emails

When our software receives the shipment information, it uses the tracking data to trigger a series of branded customer emails based on configured conditions.

Routes set by you

The routes which are set by you are based on easy-to-use filters that create the conditions for each email to be sent.

Triggered emails

You may decide that particular tracking statuses, such as In Transit or Out For Delivery, should trigger an email.

Multiple filters

You can create any number of filters and send particular emails for orders over a certain value, for VIP customers, and based on the SKU, for example.


†For non-Scurri customers, shipment information is imported via CSV or API

Save 15% when you contact us today*


Contact Scurri today for a 15% discount on any Scurri Track Plus proposal received during the month of July*

Key features

Branded Emails

Boost loyalty with branded tracking emails

Our post-purchase communications tool provides a simple-to-use yet powerful email send tool that gives you full control to personalise the design of your tracking emails – with no API setup required.


No more third parties sending tracking emails on your behalf – now you can turn the post-purchase experience into a marketing opportunity and maintain end-to-end communication with your customer.

“Shipping updates have been found to have a 117% higher open rate than other forms of email communication.

Our post-purchase communications tool places your brand directly in front of your customer during this highly engaged period.”

Rory O’Connor, CEO – Scurri

scurri delivery management software


Reduce WISMO queries with automated communications

With our post-purchase communications tool, you can easily automate personalised communications to customers.


Easy-to-set up configurations help streamline and simplify complex communications.

Next-generation customisation

Customise messages with unparalleled flexibility

Enjoy unparalleled opportunity to customise messages and leverage each moment of the post-purchase journey with for maximum return.


Here are some examples of how routes and triggers can be used to customise messages:

“It’s well known that eCommerce tracking emails can get open rates of up to 50%-80% in comparison to the 10%-20% open rate of typical marketing emails.

Scurri Track Plus helps retailers personalise and customise communications during this period of exceptionally high engagement.”

Sarah Doran, Product Manager – Scurri

scurri delivery management software


Easily integrate with your carriers and tech stack

Whether you’re an existing Scurri customer or want to use our post-purchase communications tool as a standalone product – integrating with your carriers and tech stack is easy.

Trusted by Market Leaders

Our post-purchase communications tool is brought to you by the same team who developed Scurri – an industry leading, award winning delivery management platform that connects over 100 million orders per year. 

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Save 15% when you contact us today*


Contact Scurri today for a 15% discount on any Scurri Track Plus proposal received during the month of July*


Terms and Conditions

*15% discount is applicable to quotes generated by 30th June 2023 and contracts signed by 31st July 2023. Contracts signed after July 31st 2023 do not qualify for this offer.

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