Scurri provides the all in one solution for P and C Retail.

P and C Retail needed a Carrier Management System that was reliable and user-friendly. Scurri tailored a solution that was the perfect fit for the online dungarees store. P and C Retail share their thoughts on Scurri.

Meet P and C Retail.

P and C Retail Ltd. consolidates operations for a group of online retail stores. Dungarees Online, USKEES and Denim Skirts Online all fall under the P and C Retail brand. Based in the North West of England they collaborate with eBay and Amazon stores to sell their popular range of denim attire. CEO Paul Clapham began Dungarees Online after an inspirational moment during his time spent at Levi’s.


Growing the brand.

Dungarees Online began manufacturing its very own brand – USKEES. The e-tailer sells across the majority of marketplaces and ships to all parts of the world. They use Royal Mail and DPD as their carriers of choice.

The online Dungarees store gave Paul and his team the tools to expand their own product range; they introduced Denim Skirts Online to the brand in 2011. But they couldn’t scale without help, that’s where Scurri’s made to measure system came in.

I could not believe how simple it was to operate. It is very user-friendly and best of all ‘IT DOES NOT BREAK’… the support is fantastic!”

Paul Clapham, CEO, P and C Retail.

Dungarees Online grew into nine other translated websites, and our product range quickly increased.

Trying it on for size.

As P and C Retail grew the urgency for a carrier management system mounted. Using off the rack portals just wasn’t sustainable for future growth. The e-tailer moved to a label integration platform, but unfortunately, this system was unreliable and proved problematic.

“The main frustration was the lack of support, this was very challenging, and we felt we were at the bottom of the pecking order when it came to getting issues resolved.”

Order fulfilment was suffering, P and C Retail needed a dramatically different system.

The all in one solution.

Operations Supervisor Keith turned to Scurri and spoke with our Product expert Liam. Liam walked Keith through our eCommerce platform, and it was clear he’d found what he was looking for.

Both Royal Mail and DPD were already fully integrated carriers with Scurri making the onboarding process easy for P and C Retail.

The entire process took less than three months to go live. Scurri made sure P & C Retail had constant support and that integrating our system was seamless. Our onboarding specialist Jake collaborated closely with Keith.

Scurri tailor made a solution that was just the right fit for all their brand’s needs.

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