Gymshark obtains optimum results with Scurri.

This Sports and Fitness clothing brand deployed the Scurri platform to ensure successful order fulfilment and delivery to its customers. Find out how Scurri enabled Gymshark to reach new heights in eCommerce success.

The starting line.

Gymshark was created in 2012 by teenager Ben Francis and his school friends. Since then, the UK based online retailer has grown from strength to strength. What initially began as a screen-printing operation has since flourished into one of the most recognisable brands in fitness. In 2015 the company expanded rapidly and required a scalable solution that could handle high volumes even at peak periods.

Identifying the challenge.

The eCommerce retailer needed flexibility in their new system. As the company uses multiple carriers, they required a multi-functional and adaptable eCommerce platform. The aim remained consistent – to ensure the best possible delivery service for their customers. Gymshark’s key demands were to increase efficiency and reduce manual labour, which led them straight to choosing Scurri.

Scurri drastically improved our operational speed. Although the system wasn’t integrated initially with Peoplevox WMS – the team created the connection and had us up and running in two months!

Chris Perrins CFO, Gymshark

Building momentum.

Scurri developed a connection between Gymshark’s Peoplevox VMS and the Scurri API in less than two months. With operations now optimised, Gymshark were all set to become heavyweights in their field.

Beating their personal best.

Gymshark experienced an immediate reduction in costs at the pack bench, in labour and materials. Scurri’s dynamic and easy to use Rules Engine customised Gymshark delivery options. Requirements for each delivery could now be configured quickly by region and postcode and meant all parcels were assigned the most efficient service and the most cost-effective. With Scurri in place, Gymshark were fit for success. Scurri provided the means to stay one step ahead of the game so they could scale with style.

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