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Our flexible eCommerce shipping API allows you to configure a solution to match your business process. The RESTful web service offers functionality for importing and updating consignments, receiving tracking information as well as generating documents and manifests. 

An API Designed by Developers for Developers

The Scurri API was designed by our developers to make integrating with Scurri as simple as possible. The documentation includes usage examples and responses aimed at providing developers with what they need in a clear and concise way. Our developers love flexibility and stability when it comes to APIs and they have ensured that Scurri’s API is one they would want to use themselves.

Scurri API - developers
Scurri eCommerce

Customised Solutions

No two businesses operate in the same way so we have designed our API to cover countless work flows. This level of flexibility enables you to control what information to connect and what areas of the process to optimise.

Automate by Scurri

Simple to Deploy

The Scurri API is simple to implement with easy to navigate API documents with a built in console providing step by step sample code. Create and test in a sandbox environment before migrating to a live Scurri account.
Scurri ecommerce shipping made easy

Technical Support

A dedicated integration expert will be on hand to implement your tailored solution and answer all of your technical queries. With a 99% SLA rating, we endeavour to provide the very best level of care for our customers.

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