Delivery management control is a superpower for next-level growth


It’s an awful feeling, not being in control, especially in delivery management. Lack of control prevents you from standing over your delivery promise, and seriously limits your aspirations. Scurri is designed to put you back in control, right across the delivery process, whatever the challenge. 


Shipping and delivery is so important that nothing can be left to chance. You don’t need to put up with incompatible systems, processes that require manual intervention, and delivery bottlenecks. 


With the ability to unleash your potential, taking control of delivery has never been more important. And moreover, with Scurri, it’s never been easier to achieve. 


Our philosophy is that control isn’t an option, it’s essential.

Our next-generation platform is a single source of delivery management control. It puts a world of delivery choice and flexibility, over 700 carrier services, both global and domestic, at your fingertips. As a result, you can select the best carriers for your delivery needs and connect to them through a single integration. 


It doesn’t stop there. We supercharge delivery management control, with a sophisticated rules engine to automate optimal carrier selection. 

Regain control of your operations

Carrier selection is based on any number pre-set variables. Industry leading capabilities are  configured directly by you in a simple, no-code interface.


Now you can achieve the highest levels of delivery accuracy, and access a range of services to open up new delivery options. Pre-approvals are built in to our labelling solution. You manage by exception only, to create a frictionless, hands-free process. 


All of a sudden, shipment generation is lighting quick, and issues are resolved centrally, keeping them out of the warehouse. We underpin it all with a simple, flexible tracking dashboard for ongoing optimisation and improvement.


So with Scurri, you can genuinely take full delivery management control, with six key business benefits. Click the links below to discover each one. 

✓Control costs

✓Control operations

✓Control issues

✓Control your offer

✓Control your growth

✓Control experience

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

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