Build delivery cost control into your warehouse process


Does it feel like your business costs are unmanageable, and there’s nothing you can do? While carrier fees are a significant outlay for any business doing significant volumes, there are still real efficiencies to be found. Building delivery cost control into your process has never been more important. 


Lack of carrier flexibility can really hinder your growth efforts because your buyers expect a choice of delivery services and speeds. Integrating with multiple carriers through a single API, without the one-off costs, and added complexity, is one of the main advantages of Scurri’s carrier management platform. 


Automating carrier selections with rules and triggers to choose the optimal rate eliminates unnecessary carrier costs. You don’t have to absorb the ongoing cost of maintenance either. 

‘’Scurri’s rules engine knows the right service to select, at the optimal rate, so we are saving money, and it’s always the right label, charged at the right postal rate for us.’’

Faster, smoother deployment

Control is crucial when you’re processing large volumes of orders, because anything that slows down your shipment creation speed costs you money. However, getting it right by automating label production using predefined rules, gives you the bandwidth to ship more orders, and become more competitive in the process. 


If you’re not in control of the labelling process, you can’t seek to improve it. Instead, you’re likely to be getting by with error prone workarounds and manual processing. But what if something goes wrong?


The Scurri platform automatically generates a carrier approved shipping label for each carrier you work with, in a matter of seconds. Faster, smoother deployment saves you time and resources by removing delivery bottlenecks and processing hold ups. It puts you in control of a hands-free process that works seamlessly in the background and is accurate for each and every delivery. 


Delivery cost control - carrier rates

Carrier fees are a major expense for any retailer. One of the main issues with relying on a single carrier is not being able to negotiate better rates. Being able to add new carriers cost-effectively, and quickly, and be able to switch between them, gives you a negotiation point. If a carrier knows that you can switch, they are more likely to offer better rates. 

“Rates reporting gives us the power to analyse our carrier costs and make savings. We can see all our data easily.''

Monitor and improve delivery performance

If your label booking process is having an effect on the volume of orders you can fulfil, this is a clear indicator that your processes should be streamlined. 

Delivery data can provide the intelligence needed to make informed decisions around delivery cost control strategies.


Increased control is underpinned by a more sophisticated rules engine, which allows for greater tailoring to the needs of your business as well as ongoing monitoring for constant improvement. 


With connected front-end systems and advanced speed, cost, and reliability metrics to hand, your whole operation will benefit. 

“Not only do we use Scurri for the functionality of getting parcels out the door, and getting all the tracking details into our other systems, we use the reporting and the intelligence to help us make decisions across the business.“

Control isn’t an option, it’s an essential. A superpower to take your business wherever you need it to go. That’s what Scurri really delivers. It’s what we were built around. Take control of your delivery management and take your business to the next level today.

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