Case Study: Natural Baby Shower – nurturing success


Natural Baby Shower was founded in 2006 by Surrey-based couple Victoria Hampson and Clifton Vaughan. The company disrupted the traditional baby industry by starting one of the first eCommerce websites of its kind, selling handpicked baby and parenting brands to the UK market.


When they had their first child in New Zealand, Victoria attended a baby shower organised by friends. There she noticed that the process, the products, and the approach to nurturing children, was something new. 

“She really enjoyed it, and it sowed a seed about the products and the style,” CEO Clifton says.’’

Returning to the UK, it was clear to them that the products they’d seen were not available. 


‘’There was a lot of innovation coming into the industry, and we were taking these brands on, getting them sold, and then growing them,’’ Clifton says. 


The business that started from a bedroom has grown exponentially. Today it employs 75 people, and ships around 300,000 parcels a year from its Bracknell distribution centre.

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Solution overview

To optimise the post-purchase experience for its customers, the company sought to improve the efficiency of its delivery process. Another significant goal was to reduce overspend on carrier services 

“If we are putting loads of little things together, Scurri’s rules engine knows the right service to select, at the optimal rate, so we are saving money,” Clifton says.

Working with Scurri

When looking for a solution, it was critical the business find the right partner to work with. As Clifton Vaghuan says, ‘’What the people at Scurri do is listen, that relationship is really crucial, and what I look for in all my partners.’’ 

“The people I’ve dealt with at Scurri have been phenomenal, they ask about the problems. There’s always that commitment to making it as seamless as possible,” he adds.

To find out how Natural Baby Shower removed errors, improved processing accuracy and speed, and avoided paying unnecessary carrier costs – read the full case study here

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