Case study: For SikSilk, smooth delivery is a key enabler of growth


SikSilk is a youth-focused fashion brand that combines sports and streetwear styles. The company was founded in 2012 by three friends from Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 


With growth in each of the last ten years, it has expanded from a ‘bedroom’ brand to one that ships to over 180 countries. The company has numerous country-specific websites where it gets the bulk of its orders. It also has integrations with various marketplaces. 


Part of its success is attributed to influencer marketing. For example, collaborations with footballers Lionel Messi and Dani Alves, and DJ Steve Aoki. 


We spoke to Dean Jackson, Head of Logistics, who joined in 2020 with a mission to improve and expand the company’s logistics capability. 

Scaling demands

The decision to engage Scurri was part of a broader systems upgrade that saw SikSilk re-platform its web business. On the back of this it implemented a new warehouse management system. As a scaling business with new demands on the logistics process, there were a number of issues to fix.


The tipping point came when it was clear that delivery bottlenecks could impact customer experience. This resulted in difficulties tracking the status of orders, spotting next-day delivery requests, or other service requirements.


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“So it had a status impact. Using Scurri to ship actually gives you the real-time status of a parcel. So you know if the label has been printed, if the parcel has been dispatched, and if it has been collected and manifested by the final mile carrier.’’


‘’Using Scurri de-skilled something that I found to be a bit of a black art. We had someone sitting there all day manually printing shipping labels. Our orders looked like they’d been shipped the minute the label was printed out of our carrier systems when we did it manually.”

Removing delivery blind spots

With Scurri everything is far easier to interrogate.“ Dean Says. “Our shipping process can be monitored and constantly improved because it’s not people dependent. It’s system dependent, and the system uptime is really good.


Delivery is a critical component of the online retail experience. SikSilk recognised that bringing its logistics operation up to date was non-negotiable.


To do this, the company needed to remove manual effort, and create a stable and repeatable process. The improvements made using the Scurri platform removed errors, bottlenecks, and delivery blind spots. 

To find out how SikSilk created a smooth running delivery process, read the full case study here

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