30 eCommerce customer experience statistics to know in 2022


Good customer experiences happen by design, not by accident. There’s a good reason why many retailers are focusing on improving the overall eCommerce customer experience right now. 


A good customer experience can increase customer spending by up to 140%. Simply put, it pays to care about your customers.


But a great eCommerce customer experience needs to be felt throughout every step of the browsing, purchasing, and post-purchase journey. 


As customer expectations are constantly evolving, we’ve compiled the most up-to-date industry stats to help retailers design an experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

Purchasing decisions

71% of consumers expect personalisation during their purchasing journey, while 76% get frustrated when they don’t get it.


79% of shoppers say that user generated content (UGC) impacts their purchasing decisions, even more than branded or influencer content.


90% of consumers highly value a business that knows their account history as well as any current actions they are taking.


Even if they love your brand, 59% of customers will stop shopping with a business after two bad experiences.


60% of customers will leave a website if they cannot find the product they were looking for.


68% of shoppers will join a loyalty program if they are offered one.


For 80% of consumers, sustainability plays a part in the decision-making process for online purchases.


37% of shoppers are choosing retailers based on their ethical and sustainability policies.


67% of consumers say that they care more about the environmental impact of the products they buy now than they did five years ago.


86% of shoppers would delay deliveries if it meant that eCommerce could be more sustainable (if given an incentive to do this).


56% of consumers have received a parcel where they’ve felt that the packaging was too big for the contained item.

Ecommerce customer experience at checkout

The average checkout flow for a new customer is 5.2 steps long (from shopping cart to order review).


30% of shoppers will abandon a purchase at checkout if they have to fill out their credit card information again, while 25% will drop off if they have to re-enter their shopping details.


If the checkout process takes more than 30 seconds to complete, 50% of shoppers are likely to abandon their purchase.


Most websites only need 8 form fields to complete a checkout flow, but the average is currently 11.8.


If an online store asks a new customer to create an account at checkout, 34% of shoppers will abandon their cart.


66% of internet users  are worried about the privacy and confidentiality of their personal data.


64% of consumers want businesses to take the lead in implementing data responsibility and educating them on how they can protect their own data.


88% of consumers base the amount of data they share with a company on how much they trust it.


44% of online shoppers believe that their online experience is improved because companies collect their personal information.


25% of consumers return 5-15% of all items that they purchase online.


If a returns experience is positive, 89% of customers would shop with that particular retailer again.


11% of shoppers abandon a purchase if the return policy wasn’t good enough in their opinion.


3 in 4 consumers consider returns to be inconvenient, impacting on their overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.


47% of customers want an easy to print return label while 58% seek a hassle-free return policy from retailers.



82% of shoppers aren’t willing to pay for shipping.


68% of consumers consider 2-3 days to be adequate time from the time they place an online order to when they receive it.


90% of shoppers feel that being updated on the status of delivery is non-negotiable, with 55% even willing to pay a small fee (10p) to receive specific information about the whereabouts of their orders.


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48% of consumers would pay to choose a nominated time for their delivery.


According to customers, the key to a positive delivery experience is being on-time (66%), order accuracy (57%), items being in good condition when they arrive (41%), quick delivery (47%) and a courteous delivery team (38%).

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