Covid 19 | The Scurri eCommerce weekly top 3


Each week we gather the top three eCommerce news items of the week. Here’s what stood out for us this week!

Online retail sales increased 41.3% year-on-year in the week commencing 14 June, when non-essential retail stores began reopening, according to the latest IMRG Capgemini Online Retail index. This represents the second strongest year-on-year growth rate measured by the index since lockdown measures were introduced. eCommerce sales also increased by 1.8% week-on-week over this period.


The analysis, which tracks the digital performance of over 200 retailers, additionally revealed that multichannel traders increased online sales 71% year-on-year, which is the highest growth ever recorded for this group. Read the full article here.

Covid-19 is expected to see one-quarter of the UK’s whole population make a permanent switch to online shopping as the pandemic accelerates the move from bricks to clicks, new research has shown.


A new report by Alvarez & Marsal and Retail Economics, estimates that 17.2 million British consumers – about 25 per cent of the country’s total population of 66.6 million – plan to make permanent changes to the way they shop, as perceived risks of contracting Covid-19 at physical stores redirects spending into online channels.


Consumers who perceive the risk of Covid-19 to be very high are almost four times more likely to shift their shopping habits in the long-term. Read the full article here.

Over 85,000 businesses have launched online over the last four months as lockdown sparks one of the most significant transformations the UK retail sector has ever seen.


The closure of more than 750,000 businesses when lockdown was imposed on March 23 has driven the highest number of new ecommerce offerings ever recorded over a four-month period.


Growth Intelligence’s research, which used artificial intelligence to track millions of business websites across the UK, revealed that the fashion and apparel sector led the way, with 8665 retailers adding new ecommerce payment methods and technology. Read the full article here.

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