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Challenges in Logistics and how to Overcome them with Scurri


Overcome the logistics obstacles.

Demanding customer expectations continue to disrupt online retailers forcing them to stay ahead in their logistics and fulfilment endeavours. The Challenges are endless. From cart abandonment, poor carrier performance to many operating systems. Along with unclear tracking and demand for free returns from the customer. In turn, these challenges have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.


Not to mention the white elephant of Brexit, which threatens to influence the logistics sector. Access to European markets and border crossings will lead to longer delivery times resulting in a negative impact on consumer expectations.


We come face to face with the dynamic network of delivery services on a daily basis. Scurri has identified the key challenges facing logistics and warehouse operations. Bringing key tips and solutions of how to overcome them.

1. The current shipping process isn’t sustainable.

Business growth can often lead to unsuitable shipping processes. There is a need to offer more delivery options and improve internal efficiencies.


Introducing a new carrier to facilitate new opportunities could be the way forward. With Scurri, onboarding a new carrier into your operations is simple. As a delivery management software, we are carrier experts, with over 40 integrations. Our flexible rules environment allocates orders based on your delivery preferences.


Automate which service best fits customer expectations.

2. Multiple carrier handling is time-consuming.

Offering choice to customers is vital in a competitive eCommerce marketplace. This is easily achievable when you have a multitude of carriers to choose from. However, more integrations can result in more systems. Warehouse management teams are faced with dealing with even more 3rd party relations.


Scurri operates on a single, cloud-based platform. Through our API and dashboard, users have the ease of connecting commerce all in one place. This speeds up operations at the packing bench and decreases the room for error, resulting in invaluable time and cost savings.

3. Meeting consumer expectations is not an easy task.

While we mentioned already; customer demand is the driving force for eCommerce merchants. Innovative technology has allowed delivery to shift to meet growing consumer expectations.


A recent Forbes report highlighted the impact of the ‘Amazon effect’ on logistics.

Loads used to see two, three, or four touches before goods were in the hands of the end consumer. But today, getting goods to consumers faster means seven, eight or nine touches. That final mile is being redefined almost every day.

Exposing staff to dashboards of data aims to overcome the many touch-point complexities. Analysing end to end tracking and carriers provides a competitive edge to operations. Scurri places data at the forefront of empowering successful order fulfilment. Unified tracking is a simplified view, ensuring customer satisfaction.

4.Growing internationally is a pressing issue.

48% of SME’s in the UK remain apprehensive about trading internationally. According to a recent Royal Mail report; Cost, complexity and fluctuating currencies emerge as the major risk factors.

While expanding overseas may seem daunting, eCommerce is driving global trade. Many of the perceived barriers can be overcome with the correct integrations.

Scurri has a growing integration network with global, regional and local solutions. We grow with our customers, providing hands-on support to help break international boundaries. Our ‘Brexit-proofing’ feature automatically generates CN22s and CN23s for cross-border orders. We identify the best carrier to allow seamless delivery into external markets.

To hear more about how Scurri can help you overcome challenges in the warehouse contact our sales team.

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