Scurri is Fashionable Fit for Active In Style.

With a booming eCommerce industry came a need to move away from sellotaping labels onto boxes. Online fashion and active wear retailer – Active In Style, came to Scurri searching for a solution to sustain business growth while allowing for the use of multiple systems.

Hitting the Mark

Ensuring that they maintained customer satisfaction and choice availability in a highly competitive industry.

Active In Style and Active Man are retail outlets in an omnichannel environment. They exemplify comfortable, fashionable work-out gear from high intensity circuits to the relaxed yoga scene. Digital Marketing Manager at Active In Style Thomas Gibbons talks to Scurri on needing to move away from manual warehouse label generation…FAST! While, retaining the multiple carrier integrations and choice per destination

Active In Style Challenge

Thomas out lined how Active In Style needed a high level of efficiency that met their needs. DHL provided the choice of deliverability of 1-3 days and even 2 days for parts of the US. This needed to stay.

Parcelforce was a key requirement for fully tracked services across the UK. The text message tracking capability proved amazing for customer service. With that Active In Style also required a platform to integrate with Magento and make the process seamless.

Scurri has provided a service that has transformed our business into a robust processing unit capable of keeping up with the likes of ASOS.
Thomas Gibbons Digital Marketing Manager , Active In Style

High Intensity Results

With the clients requirements at the forefront of our project. Scurri got started on delivering a scalable, reliable, seamless system for the team at Active In Style. Our customisable rules environment was an ideal fit for this small business growing to new heights. Creating conditions for multiple services allowed for a move away from dealing with the various postage companies directly.

With the option to scan and print all labels are generated and printed automatically. Tracking is captured for each order. While, an automanifest alerts relevant carriers.

Its that easy!

Scurri has helped to increase productivity tenfold for Active In Style

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