Connect with your favourite carriers, wherever you need to ship.

Gain access to a wide range of UK, International and global carriers. Scurri gives you the flexibility to scale and control your domestic and global shipping. We cover more than 93% of the UK Market’s carriers by volume, and we are always adding more.

Whether you ship within the UK to international markets or ship from locations globally, Scurri has you covered. With Scurri it is simple to add a new carrier to optimise your shipping and delivery process.

If your carrier is not listed above, please contact us to see if we can help. We are constantly adding and upgrading carriers on our platform.

Simple & powerful integrations with the world’s leading eCommerce platforms.

The Scurri Shipping API makes it easy for developers to integrate Scurri into your eCommerce platform or Warehouse Management System. We also have direct integrations into some of the most popular industry platforms. 

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