Scurri is a fashionable fit for Active In Style.

A booming eCommerce business meant sellotaping labels onto boxes was no longer an option for this Online fashion and activewear retailer. Active In Style turned to Scurri in search of a solution to sustain business growth while allowing for the use of multiple systems and saw immediate benefits.

Hitting the mark.

Active In Style and Active Man are omnichannel retail outlets. They cater to the need for comfortable, fashionable work-out gear suitable for high-intensity circuits to the relaxed Yoga scene. Their online business was expanding and needed to go the distance! Thomas Gibbons, Digital Marketing Manager at Active In Style tells how using Scurri steered them away from manual warehouse label generation…FAST!

They needed to implement an effective delivery management system that retained the carriers they were already using. Our multiple carrier integrations meant they could offer the best service for each parcel destination thus ensuring customer satisfaction. This smooth new workflow meant they were ready to compete with the big brands.

Active In Style challenge.

Active In Style needed a high level of efficiency that met their needs. DHL provided the ability to deliver in 1-3 days and even in 2 days for parts of the US. Scurri had already integrated with DHL.

Incorporating Parcelforce was also an essential requirement due to their excellent tracking capability across the UK. Their text message tracking service was a massive boon to the customer service team. Active In Style also required a platform to integrate with Magento, and they needed the whole process to be seamless. Scurri was up to the challenge!

Scurri has provided a service that has transformed our business into a robust processing unit capable of keeping up with the likes of ASOS.
Thomas Gibbons Digital Marketing Manager , Active In Style

High intensity results.

Scurri ticked all of the boxes. By implementing a scalable, reliable, seamless system for the team at Active In Style, we made sure they got just what they needed. Our customisable Rules Engine is an ideal fit for a small business rising to new heights. Our system enables them to quickly and easily configure different delivery options, so they no longer need to deal directly with carrier companies.

Our Scan and Print function gives them the ability to generate and print all labels automatically. They now process higher volumes and faster than ever. We capture tracking for each order, and an auto-manifest even alerts the relevant carriers.  Scurri’s time-saving workflow is intuitive and straightforward. 

It’s so easy!

Scurri increased productivity tenfold for Active In Style. An instant return on investment!

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